American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear said the following in response to the White House’s released infrastructure proposal:

“It is heartening that the President is bringing the issue of infrastructure modernization to the forefront, but in order to address our nation’s needs, it is essential we identify real and immediate sources of revenue that are conservative and fair like the Build America Fund.

“While the White House’s plan kick starts this debate, it unfortunately falls short of the President’s campaign promise to go big and bold, because it lacks the required federal investment.  A proposal that relies on fake funding schemes like highway tolls and privatizing rest areas will not generate the revenue necessary to make significant infrastructure improvements.

“ATA has a solution to the funding question – the Build America Fund – which would generate $340 billion over the next ten years.  This is the most efficient, conservative and viable approach to funding infrastructure.

“To be clear, new tolling on existing interstates is a non-starter for our industry.  Tolls are ineffective and wasteful, with as much as 33% of revenue being wasted on administrative and overhead costs.

“We also have grave concerns with the failure of the Administration’s budget proposal and infrastructure proposal to address the imminent collapse of the Highway Trust Fund.  To be blunt, America is hurtling toward a highway funding cliff.  If we continue on this trajectory, the motoring public, the American taxpayer and future generations are going to pay a very steep and unacceptable price. Any infrastructure funding proposal that does not address this situation is unacceptable.”