As the Strive® reduced emissions program continues to drive positive results, ALON 7-Eleven plans a final rollout to their remaining 170 locations. Later this summer, the program will launch in El Paso and Abilene and will be active across ALON’s entire footprint of 303 7-Eleven locations across New Mexico and Texas. With this expansion, ALON 7-Eleven will plant over 100,000 trees in partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation and local non-profit organizations across these markets.


“The program has been a great success since we launched a small 20-location pilot a few years ago. It’s a strong competitive differentiator, and it was an easy decision to expand and make this part of our long-term fuel strategy. The markets we operate in are flat, but our same store fuel volume is up over 6% year-over-year. While there may be other contributing factors, we know the Strive program has played a significant role. Customers love it and employees love it…and they tell us so, in person and on social media.” said Jonathan Ketchum, SVP of Retail at ALON Brands.


During a recent panel discussion at the SIGMA Spring Conference, Ketchum shared that this program was originally considered to strengthen ties and build good will in local communities, but since then, “We have been pleasantly surprised with the additional benefits Strive has brought our company. Yes, we’re building community goodwill, but we’re also increasing employee engagement, we’re attracting new customers, and our existing customers are responding extremely positively, voting with their wallets. They are choosing us for more of their fuel trips than before and even visiting our stores more often.  So much so that we’re seeing increased volume even with a shift to more value-based pricing that’s enabling us to realize higher margins. We’re excited to make a big splash this year and expand this program chain wide.”


In addition to the positive business contributions, the program is delivering a significant environmental impact. So far, the program has offset emissions on almost 100 million gallons of fuel and has planted nearly 20,000 trees since its launch in 2015.


“We’re continually seeing businesses invest in electric vehicles (EVs) and other sustainable products, but many consumers are still driving regular cars and filling up with standard gasoline products. We’ve been thrilled with the adoption of the Strive program, and other similar programs we offer, from consumers, retail fuel providers and fleets. Being able to use a program like this to help bridge the sustainability gap that consumers are looking for, while creating a competitive differentiator for the retailer, is proving to provide some real value,” said Pete Davis, Founder and CEO of GreenPrint.


The Strive® Reduced Emissions Fuel Program reduces customers’ tailpipe emissions through GreenPrint’s proprietary platform and investments in local, regional and global certified carbon reduction projects and tree plantings. Unlike alternative fuels, GreenPrint’s reduced emissions gasoline program requires no new software, hardware, new tanks, vehicles or equipment. Instead, customers with traditional vehicles pump the same high-quality ALON fuel as always. While benefiting the environment, the program also aims to drive sales, increase loyalty and encourage customers to always choose ALON 7-Eleven stations.