It is with great sadness that AIMS announces the passing of our beloved founder, Dr. Bobby Canterbury, affectionately known as Dr. Bob, on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Dr. Bob was a business and computer programming professor at University of Louisiana at Monroe from 1966 to 1980.  Bob founded Applied Information Management Sciences (AIMS) as a computer consulting business in 1968.  In 1975, Mike Waller, founder of Waller Petroleum,  requested Bob to develop the first “jobber” accounting system.  The Complete Oil Marketers Perpetual Accounting System (COMPAS), was created, launching the initial product of AIMS. COMPAS, a revolutionary software system, was an instant hit in the oil jobber community.  Fifty years later, Waller Petroleum continues to be a valued AIMS client.

In the 80’s, Bennie Evans, owner of Evans Oil and COMPAS client, encouraged Dr. Bob to develop another innovative product using a touch-tone telephone to collect fuel inventory information.  AutoSend was developed from this collaboration – another instant success in the petroleum marketing industry.  Dr. Bob and the AIMS team in combination with Simmons SIRVEY Corporation, added SIR services to AutoSend creating, AutoSIR, an in-house leak detection system designed for regulatory compliance.

Dr. Bob was known and respected for integrity and commitment of excellence to his customers and employees.  In 1990, Dr. Bob hired his son Robert Canterbury.  Following Dr. Bob’s retirement in 1996, Robert purchased AIMS, running the business with the same commitment and dedication as Dr. Bob.  AIMS commitment is “To do what we say we’ll do.”

AIMS is proudly celebrating our 50th anniversary this year.  We are grateful for the company and our founder, Dr. Bob.

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