Advanced Compliance and Testing (ACT), a provider of total environmental compliance management solutions, is officially introducing itself to the fueling market.


ACT offers petroleum storage tank owners peace of mind through a comprehensive list of advanced environmental compliance and testing services. Among these customized services are tank, line and leak detection, secondary containment testing, spill bucket testing, vapor balancing, Stage II Vapor Recovery Decommissioning, automatic tank gauge certification and corrosion protection. In addition, ACT conducts inspections and training, as well as other specialty services such as asset cataloging, tank cleaning and fuel polishing, and fuel testing and treatment (ethanol and diesel blends).


The launch of ACT comes at the right time when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance standards are becoming more stringent. While the rules are different for each state, the deadline for the new standards is the middle of 2018. “We recognize the importance of regulatory compliance in the petroleum industry,” says Chan Davidson, Chief Executive Officer of ACT. “But we also know how challenging it can be for a tank owner to keep up with existing and new regulations when their primary goal is to grow revenue and increase their bottomline. ACT helps to eliminate the burden and confusion of keeping sites in compliance.”


One of the tools ACT offers its customers to help ease the regulatory responsibility is the ACT Compliance Management Program, an online portal responsible for maintaining a record of completed compliance tests. At the click of a button, customers can pull up compliance records and certifications for reference or validation. And perhaps more important than serving as a records retention service, the ACT Compliance Management Program can notify the customer when new tests are required as well.


“Our experienced service team is dedicated to being proactive with our customers when it comes to environmental compliance testing,” says Aaron Kubitscheck, Senior Vice President of Operations of ACT. “The ACT Compliance Management Program helps to alleviate unnecessary compliance stress with our customers by managing testing deadlines and maintaining a schedule.”


To learn more about the ACT Compliance Management Program or to review the extensive list of compliance and testing solutions, go online to or email [email protected].