ADD Systems is pleased to announce the expansion of their mobile development team with the addition of Lance Contreras, a full-time Mobile Application Developer.

The ADD Systems management team is excited to have Lance on board. Lance graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from AMA Computer University, and a Master of Science degree from Mapúa University in the Philippines. He brings with him 10 years of experience after working as a developer at Emerson. “Lance brings a wealth of knowledge to the mobile group and we are very excited to have him join our team,” said Ed Debrot, Vice President of Mobile Software Development. “In this field, you must always keep up to date with new and emerging technologies, and adding Lance is definitely in keeping with that philosophy.”

When asked about his time so far at ADD Systems, Lance said, “I’m really happy to learn more about the user interface (UI) and how customers interact with the product. I enjoy being able to work with customers and get direct feedback from them; it allows me to feel more engaged with the work I’m doing.”

ADD Systems President, Bruce C. Bott, added that “mobile products have become a mainstay in the industries we serve. They were once only available to an elite few, but clients don’t see mobile products as an ‘option’ today; they are a necessity. With the addition of Lance, the mobile group will continue to keep up with industry trends and exceed customer expectations.” The most recent releases from the mobile group include the Companion and Fleet Fueler enhancements to Raven®, the ADD mobile delivery solution. “These two new products were released at our 2017 Business Technology Conference, and have set a new standard in the industry,” said Bott.