Advanced Digital Data, Inc. (ADD Systems®), a leading supplier of software solutions to the energy distribution industry, has announced the new KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboard for Atlas Advanced Business Intelligence for ADD Energy E3®. This new enhancement builds upon the BI product.

The new KPI dashboards work in conjunction with Atlas BI™ for ADD Energy E3 to shine a brighter light on your business.  ADD Systems has created over 20+ KPIs to focus the spotlight on your most important metrics.  Only Atlas BI™ was built to have a direct connection with ADD Energy E3 back office solution.   That direct connection means you get the clearest and most efficient picture of what’s happening in your business right now.  With the KPIs adjusted to your business rules, management can get a visual picture on how your business is performing against your defined targets. From driver productivity to past due A/R, Atlas can give you the insight to make faster, more informed decisions to improve your business and your profitability.

John F. Coyle, Vice President of Sales at ADD Systems, believes Atlas BI™ with the added KPI features will help ADD clients gain efficiencies all across the organization that they didn’t think were possible. “ADD Systems knows the devil is in the details and with the tools in Atlas BI™ and our new KPIs those critical details are now only a click away.  BI is all about sifting through your mountains of data to give you that actionable information while you still have time to act upon it. Atlas Advanced Business Intelligence is a game changer.”