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Fuel retailers looking to bring EV charging to their operations are well served by finding solutions that best offer a convenient charging experience like that found with liquid fuels. This not only serves an inpatient customer, but it also serves the retailer who wants the customer to be on site long enough to take advantage of the retail opportunities presented, but not too long to where site congestion become an issue.

“Retailers and plaza space owners need to consider what type of charger is best to install for the customer experience they are targeting,” said Stephen Israel, BTC POWER’s senior director, product management. “If they would like 10-15-minute customer dwell times, then they need to target charge rates of 175+ kW and current outputs at 400+A continuous.”

An answer to that challenge is BTC POWER’s GEN4 all-in-one 180kW charger which provides retailers the required speed, convenience, flexibility, reliability and low total cost of ownership.

A cornerstone of the solution is liquid-cooled cables, which feature both TCCS1 and CHAdeMO connector options. The cables help future proof the charger as it can readily accommodate today’s most common charging rates and is ready for the advanced automobile batteries and systems that are becoming available.

BTC POWER focuses on charging at 150kW (eight miles per minute) and greater. With the 500+A continuous foundation the liquid-cooled cables enable charging rates up to 360 kW as the automobile technology becomes more available. This is equivalent to about 20 miles per one minute of charge, which will allow motorists to get 250 miles of charge in about 12.5 minutes.

Liquid cooled cables are also much lighter than standard cables, and the technology is reliable which reduces the total cost of ownership.

The ability of the charger to be integrated into retail site is also crucially important. The GEN4 180kW charger offers the appearance and features of the latest generation fuel dispensers. It’s fully configured for credit card and RFID payment options and has a 15-inch or optional 32-inch touchscreen.

BTC further offers one of the highest power densities (smallest equipment for power level) in the market, and the footprint is a key factor in charger design. In addition, BTC looks at cable length to ensure the most usable lot design and flexibility for the operators.

If you are looking at your charging opportunities and options and are attending the NACS show (October 1-4 in Las Vegas) drop by Booth No. 7369 for a full presentation on what the BTC POWER GEN4, all-in-one 180kW charger can offer your operation.

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