SmartDrive Systems, a leader in video-based safety and transportation intelligence, today announced the launch of the SmartDrive® Transportation Intelligence Platform and SR4 hardware, which deliver driving performance insights and analytic intelligence by fusing data from all systems, all sensors and the operating environment. The platform helps commercial and transit fleets improve safety and efficiency, as well as manage an entirely new set of business challenges arising from the progression of more autonomous technology on the vehicle. Unlike other camera systems that are increasing in size as computer vision capabilities are added, the SR4 next-generation hardware delivers the compute power required for computer vision, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications—all in a small, flexible footprint.

The transportation industry is in a state of transformation. New business models are emerging to address economic changes and shifts in the supply chain, and new technology is changing everything from the need for fuel to who or what operates the vehicle. With this evolution comes an entirely new set of business challenges for fleets: Risks are changing and the role of the driver is changing.

More automation in the vehicle can cause some drivers to over rely on technology to intervene instead of depending on their safe driving skills, more devices in the vehicle and on the windshield create more distraction, and new security threats create new data and privacy challenges. Increasingly, transportation leaders are asking themselves the question, “Am I prepared?” In order to respond, they require technology designed specifically for the challenges of today and tomorrowrather than relying on systems developed for yesterday’s concerns.

“We architected this platform to enable the future of intelligent transportation while delivering fleets significant value today. It will help our customers solve a long-standing business challenge—disparate, siloed information stemming from a myriad of disconnected on-board devices that increase operational costs without delivering commensurate value,” said Steve Mitgang, SmartDrive CEO. “Building on our track record of innovation and commitment to system openness, the introduction of this groundbreaking new platform provides fleets a solution capable of true convergence, and serves as a foundation on which to build as new and enhanced technologies are adopted in the next three to five years. At the same time, it delivers superior capabilities and impressive enhancements to our video-safety program that set the standard for what fleets should expect from their solution investment.”

The SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform includes new SR4 hardware, new triggering and risk identification, new analytics powered by SmartDrive SmartIQ®, and a best-in-class video safety program. The platform ensures fleets can understand driver readiness as vehicles become more autonomous. With a unified view of driving performance—no matter who or what is operating the vehicle—management can now improve operational results companywide.

Key capabilities of the SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform include:

  • Advanced risk assessment and driver-assist—New SmartSense™ ADAS sensors informed by over ten years of machine learning; in-cab alerting for short following, forward collision and lane departure warning; and new posted speed detection identify high risks and enable drivers to react in real time
  • More power in the smallest hardware footprint available—Less than half the size of its predecessor, the SR4 hardware reduces driver distraction and improves driver acceptance while streamlining installation and maintenance
  • More multi-camera support for 360 degree visibility—Directly connects to up to nine cameras and integrates easily with those from third parties without requiring any additional hardware for simplified installation and maintenance
  • Integration with WABCO’s next-generation OnLane™ for road-facing camera—Integrates with lane departure system from the leading global provider of safety technology, eliminating the need for a redundant camera while providing deep insight to risk
  • More storage capacity for Extended Recording service—Solid-state drive technology and three levels of storage—up to 512GB—provide more context and recording longevity
  • Expanded integration options to thirdparty systems—Six ports enable data integration and triggering from other on-board systems, amplifying the value of technology investments and delivering a more complete view of risk
  • Mixed fleet capability—Current SmartDrive customers can leverage both new and pre-existing hardware, maintaining a seamless user experience without operational disruption
  • Enhanced reliability and security—Robust, tamper-resistant hardware, improved over-the-air upgrade experience and fewer components allow for easier installation and maintenance, providing immediate savings
  • Industry-leading SmartChoice™ Video Safety Program—Flexible program allows fleets to choose among various levels of protection and camera configurations to fit their unique needs, maximizing ROI

“The transportation industry has seen a trend of devices getting larger as they add more advanced capabilities, whereas tech innovation demands that hardware become smaller and sleeker while delivering more power and functionality,” said Mitgang. “The SR4 meets these expectations by delivering unprecedented compute power, seamless integration with third-party systems and the most advanced risk assessment capabilities—all within a discreet footprint.”

Supporting the SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform, the SR4 hardware offers:

  • A purpose-built controller unit featuring intelligent monitoring and recording functions, expandable solid-state storage and 4G/LTE and Bluetooth 4.x communication protocols
  • Significantly smaller road and cab-facing cameras, which minimize impediments to the driver’s field of view and facilitate compliance with government regulations
  • A separate sensor bar that allows more flexibility in camera placement
  • A keypad that enables manual event recording while supporting unique identification codes and a privacy mode for drivers
  • A wireless key fob, putting the power of manual recording in the hands of the driver whether inside or outside the vehicle

Customer Adoption

SmartDrive released the new Transportation Intelligence Platform to early adopters in the fourth quarter 2017. By the end of Q4, numerous fleets—including Arctic Glacier, Clariant Oil Services, Combined Transport, Forward Air, Oakley Transport, Schilli Corporation and Superior Paving—had opted to purchase and implement the platform.

“We were excited by the enthusiasm of our current and prospective customers as we began introducing the new platform,” noted Mitgang. “We see their decision to adopt SR4 early as a testament to the solution’s current and future capabilities, the company’s history of executing against its vision and our track record of delivery. We are proud to welcome them to the SmartDrive family.”

“The safety of all our people is the primary core value that each of our employees strive for, and, as a result of implementing the SmartDrive program, we’re seeing an awesome shift in our safety culture,” stated Kelly McDowell, director of safety and compliance, Oakley Transport. “Prior to SmartDrive, we ran a program based on lagging indicators. With SmartDrive, we now have leading indicators to inform the coaching that makes our drivers safer. The current and future capabilities of the SR4, coupled with SmartDrive’s track-record of delivering the latest technology and outstanding customer service, made this an easy decision.”

“We look to our suppliers to provide us with the latest innovations that will work for us today and position us for the future, and SmartDrive does this,” commented Bob Schilli, Jr., executive vice president, Schilli Corporation. “After completing a successful pilot, we began to implement the SmartDrive platform companywide. The additional features offered by the SR4—posted speed monitoring, more storage for extended recording and ADAS—made the decision to upgrade to the new platform an easy one.”

“We initially made the choice to go with SmartDrive due to its impressive, cost-effective and comprehensive video-based driver safety program, which offers 360-degree visibility,” remarked Moses Greenberg of Superior Paving. “The compact size, expanded hard-drive and notable expansion integration options of the SR4 made a great product even better and made our decision to adopt the new platform seamless. SmartDrive not only provides a best-in-class driver safety video monitoring system solution, but its SmartIQ analytics offers us completely integrated metrics and reporting in a single platform. With the SR4, which offers the support and flexibility to grow with us, we are getting the most advanced solution available.”